Welcom to the Schaffner's PQS

Dear PQS user, as we are always trying to bring you the best experience, quality and results with our tools, we are continuously working on updates. Thus we are happy to inform you about:

a new major update ready to be released on September, 5th 2016

The brand new SchaffnerPQS 3 will bring a lot of new functionalities as well as a major "look and feel" improvement. In order to have a smooth transition we are already informing you as of today about changes and requirements that will be realized along with the launch. With respect to the changes and updates we will need to introduce a new database system. Please be aware of the following:

All your user accounts will be remaining the same including your login data

In case you have used the save project functionality we inform you herewith that we will not transfer those projects. Please use the report functionality to save your work in case is needed.

On September 5th at 6.00 am CET we will shut down SchaffnerPQS 2 and will use most of the day to power up SchaffnerPQS 3. Thus please schedule your work with SchaffnerPQS 2 to be finished on September, 4th!